Shriram Blue – Innovative strategies for a luxurious future

Shriram Blue launch Apartment East Bangalore

Bangalore has turned out to be a premium hot-spot destination for real estate enterprises. Incredible weather throughout the year is one main reason why residents and realtors are relocating to Bangalore. With budding and established realtors on the rise, residents more often than not are confused as to which project will turn profitable in the long run. Shriram Blue by Shriram properties is one such fabulous project that encompasses the customers perspective of a good investment.




With fascinating floor plans for individual unit variants, customers are delighted as ever as they move that much closer to their dream home. The project is strategically located off Old Madras road in Bangalore. The location enjoys numerous benefits like seamless connectivity to the city and presence of prominent landmarks around the project for a convenient lifestyle. The project specifications are designed in such a way that they are in line with industry standards, affordability and standard of living. Rest assured, Shriram Blue provides resources and amenities that are favorable for a serene living experience.

How does eco – friendliness impact salability of a project?

An eco-friendly environment is a must for any real estate project. Residents always look forward to invest in properties that are located further out from the city for the reason that they wouldn’t be affecting their health and well-being in between all the noise and pollution. With the adverse effects of climate change, residents are looking for opportunities which provides perfect climate with resources that promote organic ways of living. Shriram Blue Apartment is surrounded by the 250-acre Yele Mallappa Shetty lake which provides lush green surroundings from high-rise buildings. Even the amenities that are provided are designed to promote eco-friendly ways of living. With the presence of water bodies around the project, residents can enjoy serene walks around the property while soaking in the fresh breeze from the lake. All these features considered, residents at Shriram Blue can lead a magical lifestyle with the project set against the back-drop of the 250-acre lake.

People more often than not, travel long distances to catch the perfect sunrise. However, in the case of Shriram Blue Old Madras road, residents can catch the perfect sunrise from exquisite terraces laid out overlooking the lake. Tropical gardens, aroma gardens and riparian plantation present within the property contributes to fresh air throughout the project.

Shriram Blue location parameters

Location plays a prominent role in influencing a customer purchase decision. Investing in real estate properties is a clear thought-through process and residents should deeply analyze the location of a project they might be interested in. Old Madras road has attracted numerous realtors as there are a number of IT parks in close proximity. This increases the rates of land appreciation as more than 40% of Bangalore’s IT crowd lives in and around Old Madras road. Even potential investors are in for profits as they wouldn’t be finding it difficult to look out for tenants. With the introduction of the proposed metro station in immediate vicinity, residents are connected beautifully to the rest of the city. There are some of the very best educational and medical institutions in short distances that keep the residents at the center of all the action. With 1, 2, 3 BHK along with duplexes that are up for grabs, residents are in for a comfortable ride with Shriram Blue.

In conclusion, Shriram Blue Bangalore is the project to consider for amazing returns on investment. Call us or submit a query for any project related information to get that much closer to your dream home.

Any Difference in the Price Based on the Floor and Orientation of Shriram Blue Apartment?

Importance of Orientation and Vaastu in your home search

The positioning of the building is the most important feature while buying a home. Proper orientation ensures you receive a good breeze and maximum ventilation along with sunlight for a blissful living. Particular orientation is considered auspicious and a symbol of goodness while buying home. Good Vaastu and proper orientation brings in the positive vibes in your stay.


Shriram Blue - Residential project in kr puram bangalore.
Shriram Blue

Shriram Blue is a 100% Vaastu compliant residential apartment designed with the best orientation and floor plan according to your need. In the metropolitan city like Bangalore finding an apartment with best amenities and location is tough. Shriram Blue located in old madras road, KR Puram, Bangalore brings in all the goodness for a comfortable living.

Bringing in the righteousness of Shriram Blue

Shriram Blue KR Puram is a marvellous residential property spread over 9 acres of the land area accommodating 450+ units across the property. The property features 1, 2, 3 Bed Sky Condominiums and 3 Bed Sky Duplexes configuration units. 50% of the space is reserved for open spaces for maximum air movement inside the property and to receive optimum sunlight throughout the day. One can have a spectacular view of Yele Mallappa Shetty lake located in the backdrop of the apartment. Serene view of sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or with your favourite book from the dedicated sunrise points set up on terrace space. The Shriram Blue Project Township includes cultivated green patches with courtyards, gardens, orchards, water fountains, flower beds and flower floats for the extended tranquillity of living.


Shriram Blue is launched with best floor & master plans.
Shriram Blue Plans

Shriram Blue old madras road includes various amenities like swimming pool, clubhouse, tree-lined sidewalks, various indoor and outdoor sports’ podiums and children’s play area specially created for you.

Master Planned Shriram Blue with an affordable price

The 1BHK homes cover 600-700 sq.ft. The 2BHK homes are set to cover 1150-1300 sq.ft. The 3BHK homes are spread widely across 1500-1700 sq.ft. The well-spaced, elegant 3 Bhk Duplex homes are spread over 2000-2200 sq.ft. Shriram Blue is all set to create the world that has never been seen before in East Bangalore.

Price of the apartment depends on the area occupied by the unit. It depends on the price per sq.ft. Shriram Blue is an affordable Pocket-friendly residential apartment with excellent service and amenities to meet your varying needs.

Configuration Tentative Size Area (sq.ft) Price in Lakhs Shriram Blue
1 Bhk 600 – 700 30 – 35 Lakh
2 Bhk 1150 – 1300 60 – 65 Lakh
3 Bhk 1500 – 1700 75 – 80 Lakh
3 Bhk Duplex 2000 – 2200 100 – 110 Lakh

As the location is nearby to Whitefield happens to be the IT hotspot of Bangalore, the prices of apartments around this area are quite high. Shriram Blue offers economically pricing units when compared to other projects around Whitefield.

What are the facilities available at Shriram Blue?

Looking For Facilities In Shriram Blue ?

Every property investment calls for in-house facilities and civic amenities that are provided within the property premises. Yes, location benefits along with prominent landmarks in close proximity is vital. However, the amenities that are provided within the premises are as important as any specific project benefit. Residents are looking out for investment opportunities that are unique when compared to other projects by renowned realtors. Shriram Blue by Shriram properties is one such project which is located strategically off Old Madras Road. The project enjoys seamless connectivity to schools, colleges, medical institutions and IT parks.

Shriram Blue By Shriram Properties

Residents looking out for investment opportunities wouldn’t find it difficult to located tenants. The project is spread over a whopping 9 acres of land that ensure residents enjoy unhindered views of lush green outfields. Shriram Blue Old Madras Road is set against the backdrop of the pristine 250-acre Yele Mallappa Shetty Lake which maintains the ecology around the project. 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments are for grabs with the floor/carpet size ranging from 600-2200 sq.ft. The prices are decided based on various factors like amenities, specifications and surrounding locations.

The facilities that are provided within the property are divided into categories.

  • Elevation facilities: Spread over around 9 acres of land, the project offers infrastructure elevated marvels which provide uninterrupted views of lush green outfields. With the Yele Mallappa Shetty lake in the background, residents can have a serene living experience.
  • Civic amenities: There are a number of civic amenities that are in line with customer requirements. These amenities are designed in such a way that residents wouldn’t have to travel long distances for a convenient lifestyle. Some of the amenities that are offered at the site comprise of yoga decks, equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, jogging tracks, club house for weekly/monthly events, common room and a kids play area. Residents are also encouraged to come to the site for periodic visits to have a look at the facilities that are provided.
Shriram Blue is a best class amenities in KR Puram Bangalore.
Shriram Blue Amenities
  • Ecological benefits with Shriram Blue: Staying further out from the city calls for an eco-friendly environment. The Yele Mallappa Shetty lake against the backdrop proves to be a landmark for project recognition. Residents can get a pristine view of the lake which goes along for about 250 acres that is a testament to a comfortable living experience.
  • Infrastructure Benefits: Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, the project offers infrastructure marvels which is a hallmark of Shriram Blue Apartments. The project offers a total of 406 units with G+9 floors on individual towers. For flooring purposes, branded vitrified tiles are used in the foyer, living and all bedrooms. Branded sanitary and plumbing fittings are provided for individual apartments. Round the clock security, CCTV coverage and manned security personnel at entry and exits. 100% DG electric and power backup for elevators and common areas exudes luxury and safety of potential customers.
  • Booking process facilities: Shriram Blue Old Madras Road also assists residents to book a flat/apartment with relative ease. The process runs smooth which makes it hassle free. From contacting residents to understand space requirements, scheduling site visits to meet architects and analyzing budget plans and finally to issuing the allotment letter, the project is a perfect choice for residents to invest in properties in and around Old Madras Road.

In conclusion, the offer is an inviting one for residents to plan for a better future with Shriram Blue!

Top 10 reasons to buy property at Shriram blue – Take It Easy

Codename – Take It Easy Is Shriram Blue

Bangalore is turning out to be a hot-spot for profitable real estate investments. Residents all over the city are on the lookout for property investment opportunities for a pleasant future as that would contribute to long-term savings. Shriram Blue by Shriram properties is one such project strategically located off Old Madras road in Bangalore. The project is in close proximity to key locations like Indiranagar and MG Road which are Bangalore’s key entertainment centers. With the introduction of Bangalore metro rail services, the project proves to be an ideal choice for profitable property investments. The amenities that are provided within the property premises are a testament to a fact one should consider Shriram Blue as a choice for property purchase.

Shriram Blue is a launched project in KR Puram Bangalore.
Shriram Blue

There are couple of reasons why a customer should choose Shriram Blue as their investment option. These factors consider the civic amenities and various other factors.

Buy Property At Shriram Blue – KR Puram Off Old Madras Road Bangalore

  • Location perspective: Location is an important factor when it comes to real estate investments. Residents should consider the fact that profits are comparatively lesser in established locations when compared to emerging locations. Shriram blue Old Madras Road is strategically located between key industrial areas and prominent landmarks which contribute to the credibility of the project.
  • Amenities provided: Amenities provided are one of a kind. Some of them comprise of yoga decks, swimming pool, jogging tracks, tennis courts, equipped gymnasium, club house for weekly events within the premises, open gardens that maintain an eco-friendly environment and a common room. These amenities are beneficial as individuals have different requirements when it comes to comfort and convenience.
Shriram blue is a project with best class amenities.
Shriram Blue Amenities
  • Floor/Master plans: One should have a per-determined mindset when it comes to floor and master plans. Residents are advised to come to the site on a regular basis to physically look at the floor plans to understand the space that is available for individual units. The project offers 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments along with 3 BHK duplexes that exude luxury within the premises. The carpet/floor size of 1,2 and 3 BHK apartments range from 600-1700 sq.ft while the duplexes have size configurations ranging from 2000-2200 sq.ft. This is an added advantage as residents can plan and execute their space requirements.
  • Price benefits: The final price plays a prominent role in influencing a purchase decision. The price per sq.ft for 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments along with 3 BHK duplexes range from Rs. 4390-4790. The total basic price for 1 BHK apartments amounts to 33.38-48.50 lacs. Similarly, prices for 2, 3 and 3 BHK duplexes amount to 60-69 lacs to 1.50 Cr respectively. These bifurcations ensure that residents can plan their budget accordingly.
  • The ecological factor: Shriram Blue Apartment Old Madras road is located against the pristine 250-acre Yele Mallappa Shetty Lake. Such views from the property gives a sense of a relaxed atmosphere in the property. Prevalent water bodies maintain the ecology surrounding the project.
  • Structural specifications: The way the apartments and other infrastructures are designed also plays an integral factor when it comes to purchasing a property. Some of the specifications at the project are vitrified tiles that are laid out at the foyer, living and all bedrooms. Security services at all times with CCTV coverage. 100% DG electric back-up for elevators and all common areas. Branded sanitary and plumbing fittings are also provided.
  • Impeccable booking assistance: The project offers excellent booking assistance to one all interested. From helping with valuable information about the project, understanding customer requirements and finally to the allotment letter, Shriram Blue KR Puram proves to be an ideal project for long-term investment benefits.
  • Connectivity Benefits: This, by far is the most important aspect to be considered by a resident who plans on purchasing a property. Shriram Blue enjoys impeccable connectivity as it is closer to KR Puram railways station and Byapanahalli metro station which can be used to get to far out places around the city.
  • Educational and medical institutions: Reputed educational and medical institutions are in close proximity to the site. Residents are now at ease because they are able to spend more time with family and not in travelling long distances.
  • Financial assistance: Shriram Blue has tied up with various banks around the same locality so it wouldn’t be hard getting to them. In addition, home loans with limited interested rates are provided potential customers which is completely hassle-free. Customers are now opting for such projects where the financial part of finalizing a deal isn’t complicated anymore.

Taking all these factors into account, Shriram Blue Old Madras road is the project to invest in for a healthy and a bright future.